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Wedding Flowers

We offer a floristry service to run alongside your budding (Sorry, couldnt resist) wedding plans.
Our wedding flowers help to bring the elegance that you desire to your event and our brilliant bouquets bring the best ambience possible to your wedding.

When planning your wedding, flowers are undoubtedly one of the most momentous conclusions you could possibly come to.   Bouquets and centrepieces play a pivotal part in encapsulating the ambience you want to achieve at your wedding and are a epochal part of the organisation of any wedding.

Something-Nice thrive on our ability to provide the prospective bride and groom exactly what they envision when planning a wedding. From start to finish, our meticulous methods help to make your wedding what it deserves to be, special.

Wedding flowers in Manchester and the surrounding areas have never been so sweet

Whatever the occasion you’re thinking of, we implore you to get into contact with us as we offer a full suite of wedding planning solutions including wedding flowers and we WILL help you to achieve your dream wedding.

If you don’t know your daffodils from your dahlia’s, we won’t judge you, in fact we’ll help you not only differentiate the flowers, but differentiate your wedding from everyone else’s to help make it as big and unique as you want it to be.