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Light Up Love Letters

It may be cliche, but, if you’re looking for light up love letters- You’ve come to the right place!

Something-Nice was initially brought together on one sole principle – L O V E….letters.
More specifically we started out on our journey into the wedding planning & dressing industry with the sole idea of hiring wedding light up love letters to prospective happy couples, since then we’ve branched out to offer a full catalog of wedding furniture hire – not to the detriment of our love letter hire of course!

What sets our large light up love letters apart from the competition is the attention to detail that they have undergone and the due care and attention taken to painstakingly craft, take a look for yourself:

Light up Love letters

We initially thought to ourselves, what encapsulates the ambiance of both the wedding and the soon-to-be-married couple’s affection toward each other better than spelling it out to everyone with these large light up love letters?!

The guests of the wedding may very well, unfortunately, forget the song playing at the last dance and what they had last to drink, but they won’t be able to ignore the spectacle that these love letters help to create.
All of our light love letters, whether they be rustic or contemporary will wow the guests with their electrifying look – but not literally as all our Love letters are regularly PAT tested to assure they’re in complete working order.

Weddings aren’t the only event that will fit our light up love letters to a tee, birthdays, bar/bar mitzvahs or corporate functions are just some of the events we have provided our light up letters for as they provide excellent photo opportunities for the guests and families.


If you have a particular word that you want to be provided for your wedding, we can also make letters to order – So without further delay call 0161 408 8555