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The Quintessential Rustic Wedding
  • 23, May 2017

The Quintessential Rustic Wedding

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Weddings, they aren’t anything new, and that’s a good thing as good things are said to come with age – the trouble therein lies in making your special day…well; special, compared to everybody else’s ‘special’ day!

Familiarity breeds contempt, that’s what they say and to an extent it is true, so the question is how do you make your big day a day to remember? With each unique wedding it makes the task of standing out from the crowd that little bit more difficult, which is why that Brides and Grooms respectively are always looking for new and exciting ways in which to spice up their day of ceremony with an increasingly obscure yet extravagant array of themes.

One of the most popular contemporary wedding venue themes at present are rustic weddings, with good cause too.

The definition of Rustic is as follows; “having a simplicity and charm that is considered typical of the countryside.”
Rustic by definition is charming, so if you’re looking for a charming yet contemporary wedding to amaze and wow your family and friends, then going Rustic would be a safe bet.
Or it would, should it be as simplistic as the definition of rustic would make it seem. But as you’re probably aware, or soon will be aware – Planning a Rustic Wedding is far from simple.
So, how do you go about putting together the perfect rustic themed wedding?
Something-Nice have put together a guide on how to make the quintessential rustic wedding to astound your guests and to make sure that your wedding is one that they will never forget!

Rustic Light up Love Letters


Becoming an evermore permanent fixture of the Rustic wedding scene are the rustic light up love letters, and with good cause, what better to encapsulate both the love of the bride and groom and the whole rustic wedding theme than spelling it out?!
Light up LOVE letters are often hired by prospective brides and wedding planners alike to both, set the foundations of the rustic theme and also to add the finishing touches.
Dare we say that no rustic wedding is complete without light up love letters? Well, we wouldn’t go that far – But it really is a cheap and efficient way of setting out your stall on your desired vision of your dream day. Moreover, they provide an excellent backdrop for photo opportunities.


Post Boxes

Rustic Post Box

An excellent prop to help add to the theme and to allow guests to know what aesthetic you’re going far from the moment they walk in the door is the rustic post box, it’s a nice touch that helps keeps your rustic theme whilst not detracting from the ceremony.


Rustic Lighting

Rustic Lights

When you think Rustic you think; rustic, simple, homely….and wood.
The above image brilliantly illustrates the look and feel you should be going for when crafting a rustic wedding.
Simple yet effective are the use of jars using candles as the source of light, this also helps to achieve a an intimate feel to the proceedings as the night winds on, surrounded by the flickering of candles.


The Venue!

Rustic Venue

Whilst all the above features will undoubtedly help to achieve to look and feel of wedding that you’re going for, it can’t be argued that the right choice of venue will help considerably keeping the rustic theme ambience true to your vision.
Both barns and farms are good choices should your budget allow, but if those aren’t available options to yourself then fear not! As we will be shortly publishing a post on how to dress your venue to completely turn any room into the perfect place to hold a rustic themed wedding.